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Are your products seasonal?

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Are you worried about returns fraud?

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Want to boost your CSR efforts?


Ship Cycle's Returns Triage Program™ provides an important preinspection to stop returns from being destroyed unnecessarily

Returns are your product lines on somebody elses shelf.

We'll ensure your returned products are ready to be restocked immediately or re-routed to a more appropriate market/ channel if they are end of season sales.

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Ship Cycle prevents returns fraud

Don't leave it too late to discover a return you can't sell again.

We will inspect and grade your returns locally before you refund customers, helping you prevent wardrobing and returns fraud.

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The Return Triage Program™ allows us to manage returns locally around the globe offering the following solutions

  • Quality check
  • Product compliance checks
  • Resell locally
  • Hold stock locally
  • Initiate safe refund
  • Return to origin
  • Donate to charity
  • Send to a recycling centre
  • And as an absolutely last resort... destruction

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Retailers can set business rules for smarter stock routing

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Shoppers return parcels and they are delivered to a local hub


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The return label is scanned and data input into Ship Cycle cloud based software

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Hub operator opens parcel and inspects contents to validate return

- Option for Level 1, 2 or 3 grading

Products can be sent to different channels for processing as controlled by our software