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Why does Ship Cycle exist?

The current level of waste in the retail sector is shocking. We believe that Ecommerce needs to become more circular.

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How do we approach the returns problem?

We empower retailers and consumers to make more conscious return decisions to find new homes for unwanted items.

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What do we do to solve the returns problem?

Through Ship Cycle, your shoppers can return with ease... anytime, anywhere, with a more positive impact on the planet.

Our Background

Our parent company Ecom Global Network Limited was founded in 1990 and offers a range of Ecommerce solutions to support online retailers such as shipping and marketplace selling.

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How is Ship Cycle encouraging sustainability in returns?

Through our sustainable returns initiatives, we provide numerous options for what happens to your returned items besides simply shipping them back to your warehouse.

Reduce returns carbon footprint

Reduce Returns

Reduce your carbon footprint by minimising return journeys and keeping returned stock locally instead of long distance cross-border returns routes.

Labeless Returns

Labeless Returns

Our returns portal allows shoppers to print-on-demand, reducing paper waste by about 70%!
(based on the assumption of a 30% return rate)

Donate returns to charity

Charitable Returns

Retailers can donate returned stock to charity through our Returns Triage Programand shoppers can also choose to donate their returns instead of claiming a refund. 

Reuse Resources

Reusing Resources

As well as recycling packaging materials for future use, we can also arrange for unwanted items to be sent to a recycling centre rather than landfill.

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We Sponsor Project Seagrass Sustainability - Icon 6 

Most companies talk about planting trees to help offset their carbon footprint. We sponsor the Seagrass Project.

Approximately two football fields worth of seagrass are lost in the ocean every hour! It is imperative that we protect the seagrass meadows worldwide as many ecosystems rely on them for survival.

Seagrass absorbs more CO2 and releases more oxygen than trees. Planting seagrass is immediate whereas a tree can take many years to grow.

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To learn more about Ship Cycle's return solutions, get in touch. We'd love to give you a demo.


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