The secondhand market is becoming a global phenomenon, expected to grow 127% by 2026.*

*GlobalData 2022 Market Sizing and Growth Estimates

3x Faster

The global secondhand apparel market will grow 3X faster than the global apparel market overall.*

*GlobalData 2022 Market Sizing and Growth Estimates


Resale is becoming a key part of omnichannel strategy. 52% of retail execs say resale will become an important part of their business in 5 years.*

*GlobalData Fashion Retailer Survey

We can help you find a new home for returns.
Unwanted returned items deserve a new lease of life and Ship Cycle can manage the resale of unwanted products on your behalf, making returns recovery more profitable and sustainable
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Returns - Icon 6Maximise product value and minimise waste

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Understanding the resale opportunity

7Unlock more sustainable retail by adding a recommence channel for your returned stock

5The secondhand market has massive growth potential

6The younger generations are fuelling the recommerce market opportunity


multichannel strategy including recommerce