Ship Cycle - Growth for Retailers in Uncertain Times

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Today’s unpredictable global economic turbulence is presenting online and offline retailers with disruption and uncertainty, as they pursue expansion and opportunities.  
Stability, growth, controlling costs and preserving market positions are critical concerns for every retailer’s CEO and investors.  

What Does Ship Cycle Solve for Retailers? 
Ship Cycle’s combination of ecommerce returns service, global Customs formalities and logistics competence enable retailers to expand and grow their global sales objectives, while knowing that these options will confidently reassure their international shoppers. 
Correspondingly, retailers benefit from Ship Cycle: 
 Maximising financial recovery from each returned order. 
 Reducing write-downs and losses.  
 Assuming the complicated and costly handling, storing, and disposing of returns. 
 Minimising operational and customer service productivity losses.    
 Filtering out fraudulent returns. 
 Delivering green sustainability by lowering waste and their overall carbon footprint. 
These bundled measures support the profit and growth targets essential to a retailer’s bottom line. They are conveniently rendered through our fully managed, self-service, cloud-based returns platform. 
How Do We Deliver The Return Service. 
Triage and agility are words that convey our flagship service. Performing expert triage on returned purchases is the critical step in maximising the available value extracted from each one. 
Our on-boarding teams are seasoned, hands-on professionals, versed in applying the reverse global logistics, Customs formalities and technologies involved in retrieving and returning purchases.   
For purchases that must be returned; those experts analyse and propose reversed solutions, customised to extract maximum convenience and financial recovery for retailers and consumers. We work with their staff to on-board and implement the rules and guidelines for handling their returned purchases.  
These guidelines include how items are inspected, graded for quality and condition, deciding if they are; resold, recycled, restocked, refunded, donated, or disposed of. 
Returns Are Simple For Consumers. 
Routed by their user-generated delivery/tracking labels, returned items arrive at our purpose-built facility. Their barcode labels are; scanned, confirmed, imaged, graded, recorded, and routed to their final area for disposition. 
The return process is a streamlined set of options matching the retailer's guidelines. Ship Cycle uses the configuration to outsource the intensive process of efficiently recovering their financial value for retailers, make informed refunding decisions, recycling returned purchases through 3rd party webstores and marketplaces.  
Who Are We? 
The idea behind Ship Cycle brought together logistics, marketing, sales, ecommerce, technology and international Customs professionals with deep industry experience; to aid retailers, consumers, and industry partners with tailored solutions.  
Are your plans to expand into international markets restricted by the lack of a global ecommerce returns management solution? Then look no further.  

Ship Cycle is the first and only fully integrated global logistics programme dedicated to ecommerce retailers, with a specific focus on returns management.  

We are not just another return-label printing platform. Our standout service incorporates the Customs formalities, integrated Duty and Tax reclaim, plus multiple carriers with the prepaid and customer-pay options, that expansion-minded retailers need for their overseas customers.

Contact Ship Cycle to learn how we can help you attract and satisfy more customers.


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